Attendance Participation and Support

This innovative prevention program deploys JAC Assessment Specialists to work in select schools in Detroit.  The Assessment Specialists use the JIFF (Juvenile Inventory For Functioning) assessment tool with all students to identify strengths, concerns and unmet needs of the students and families.  Teachers will be more able to improve the functioning of the student and family, as well as, improve the student’s ability to attend, participate and learn in school as a result of goals and support services provided through the individualized plan developed from the JIFF.

Students who may be referred to the APS program are:  school youth (ages 6 – 19 years old) who are identified as needing specific services to keep them safe and successful.  Areas of concern may be: absences from class; disruptive behavior; argumentative or verbally aggressive interactions; medical needs; isolation; alcohol or drug related behavior; worry about own or family’s safety; youth who are tense, jumpy, tired, sleepy or not motivated to do anything.


NACO APS Proposal 2014

NACO APS Winner 2014